Safe House girls & crew getting engaged in our community mapping!

On Friday, 24th June, everyone around the Mugumu Safe House was getting involved with our community mapping programme that we were able to set up with the help of a HOT microgrant:

Below in the photo , Neema , the Safe House social worker showing Ayubu how to access a map of Mugumu on a phone provided by the HOT microgrant. Although he is the Safe House driver he’s never used a map before šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡.



EpiCollect+ – discontinued

Crowd2Map used to beĀ run via EpiCollect+ platform, which allows locals to install an app on smartphones or tablets and register various resources and villages through a simple data collection form.Ā By setting coordinates, attaching a photo and answering a few questions,Ā each point can be registered in minutes:

2015-12-03 15.45.35Ā Ā 2015-12-03 15.45.59Ā Ā 2015-12-03 15.47.12Ā  2015-12-03 15.47.36

TheĀ data is then sent to the central server, and all the data points can immediately be visualizedĀ on a map via the browser:

map view tanzania

In December 2015, Janet took some donated tablets and smartphones to several schools in Tanzania and kicked-off theĀ data collection. Several months past, we already have over 200 points!

[update 2016-04-10] We now have nearly 1500 points on EpiCollect+!