Fight FGM this March 8th – International Women’s (Mapping) Day!

March 8th is a day for Women and womanhood to be celebrated around the world – yet some still live in unbearable conditions, and are forced to flee their homes to escape FGM*.


This International Women’s Day we invite you to celebrate the girls that have soughed refugee in the Mugumu Safe House in Tanzania, and are turning their lives around by learning new trades at the vocational center. Mugumu Safe House has prevented over 300 girls from being forcibly cut since it opened 15 months ago.

We’d like to give the same chance to all the girls who are risk of FGM.

Spend one hour mapping girls’ villages and you can make it happen.

Rhobi, the founder of Mugumu Safe house, does outreach work in the surrounding villages where the girls are at risk of FGM, but her work is hampered by the fact that the villages do not appear on any map.

Your work will change this.  

You will need a computer or laptop, ideally with a mouse, and internet connection.  You do not need any experience of mapping or knowledge of the area. You can do as much or as little as you like – every bit helps!  

If you have any questions or need help please post them on the Facebook group, or email Janet

  1. Create an account at Openstreetmap  and log in  (keep this document open in another tab)
  2. In a new tab open the Primary Schools sheet
  3. Choose a school that has not been added to the map and copy its latitude and longitude
  4. Click search in Openstreetmap and paste in these coordinates
  5. Zoom into edit and then click the arrow next to Edit and choose  Edit with ID
  6. Go through the run through which tells you how to add points.
  7. If you’re not sure watch this 2 min video
  8. You should be able to see a satellite image of the area.  Zoom in until you find the school.  Add area and draw around the school.  Copy the name of the school from the schools sheet and add it to the name field in Openstreetmap.  Click save.  Write “Added xxx school” in the edit box.  
  9. Write Y in the added field in the schools sheet.  (Unless you were unable to add it, in which case write why not in the problems field)
  10. Go back to task 3 for another school.


When all the schools are complete you can do the same process for the Secondary schools and dispensaries.

Thank you for celebrating the girls in Tanzania by doing important mapping work!

You can follow updates on the Safe House on their Facebook page here.


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